Testimonial Star Rating - 1034430
by Andrew Mindiola 5/17/19 - 5/17/2019
I have just recently completed cataract surgery in both eyes as diagnosed from Dr. Prestasch. Dr. Prestasch is one of the only Dr.'s I have ever trusted to work on my eyes. They referred me to Eye Care Specialists and Dr. Paskowitz who took excellent care of me and my eyes. Previously my vision was like looking through glasses that were completely fogged up from being in the cold and then coming into the warm indoors. After the surgery my eyes have never been more clear and colors more brilliant. The people at Summit Eye Clinic and Eye Care Specialists are the best at what they do. If you have cataracts I would highly recommend these two Dr.'s and their facilities to help fix one of the most important parts of your body that people take for granite until your vision is completely foggy. Thanks Dr. Prestasch and your group for the AWESOME work that you all do. Testimonial written by Andrew Mindiola 5/17/19 on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 957143
by John Kopplin - 3/16/2019
Been going to Summit Eye Clinic for 8 years and absolutely would recommend it to everyone. Dr. Prestash is friendly, funny, and explains everything in great detail. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They have the most modern equipment to assure you that the health of your eyes are in good hands. A+++++ for Summit Eye Clinic. Testimonial written by John Kopplin on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 951949
by Emily Ann - 3/12/2019
I sit at a computer for at least eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. I also wear bifocals. It was starting to be a problem at work that 99% of the time I wasn't viewing the computer through the readers portion of my glasses and I would wind up being five or so inches away from my screen at the end of the day. Dr P recommended I get a single vision set of glasses strictly for at the computer or doing other things that require a long time in a short field of vision. This has been amazing. My eyes are less stressed at the end of the day and I don't have to sit five inches from the computer at the end of my shift :) I've seen coworkers prop their screens up with books or stacks of paper so their glasses hit at the right part of the screen and they are impressed when they see me not having to compensate just to see what I'm doing. It's really made work life so much easier! Just one example of why I won't be looking for a new eye dr anytime soon!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 947380
by Kim A. - 3/6/2019
I always look forward to my eye appointment because everyone at Summit Eye Clinic is so friendly! I love Dr. Prestash! Not only is he great at explaining things and making sure you understand, but he is kind, has genuine interest in you and always has me laughing! I'm thankful to be in good hands for my eye care.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 914927
by Gary McGriff - 1/31/2019
Outstanding staff
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853582
by Carrie Vissers - 11/19/2018
The entire experience was excellent. I love how their building inside and out looks like a boutique and they treat you like you're at a spa. Yet, their cutting edge technology, and professionalism, lets you know you are in very capable hands and are getting the very best medical care.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 804085
by Mike Lewandowski - 9/24/2018
They are the best hands down! Great friendly people working there, and Doctor Prestash is the bomb!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 741287
by Jeffrey Lippow - 8/15/2018
Susan and Jeffrey Lippow have been coming to Dr. Prestash for many years as we lived in Oconomowoc. We moved to Winston-Salem North Carolina in 1997 and always continue our checkups each year when we visit family. His professional service and positive attitude is FANTASTIC. He has the MOST CURRENT INSTRUMENTATION TO DO THE VERY IMPORTANT DIAGNOSING AND MONITORING OF THE ENTIRE EYE. His staff is trained and performs to the highest quality. One person we see is Krystle who is excellent. Dr. Prestash gives Susan and myself great comfort in knowing that the eye exams ARE THE BEST AND OUR VISION CORRECTION IS THE FINEST. For all your eye care let the Summit Eye Clinic serve your needs. My contacts give me the very best vision and the monitoring of the changes in my "SENIOR EYES" makes me so comfortable. Testimonial written by Jeffrey Lippow on this site.
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Dr. Randy Had Faith In Me
Testimonial Star Rating - 735729
by Amanda K. - 8/7/2018
I started seeing Dr. Randy Prestash when I was 13. At age seven, I was diagnosed with amblyopia in my right eye and was almost legally blind. I began a strict program of patching my left eye to strengthen the right eye while wearing prescription glasses. But by the time I reached sixth grade, I was told there was nothing else we could do, that we had made all the improvements possible, having at that time improved the vision in my right eye only slightly with glasses. I'm grateful that my mom chose not to heed this diagnosis, and I transferred to Summit Eye Clinic. Dr. Randy had faith in me and believed we could make further progress by using contact lenses. I started wearing a contact daily and have been using it off and on since. I'm now 21 and continue to wear the contact to maintain the progress we've made, keep my eye from slipping back, and decrease the likelihood that the right eye will start to drift from lack of use. I’m also an athlete on my college’s Shotgun Team and Dr. Randy is working with me to ensure that I have the best vision possible in both eyes when I’m shooting targets for competition! Dr. Randy is a fantastic optometrist and a wonderful person. I've enjoyed getting to know him and truly appreciate that he did not give up on helping me attain the best eyesight I possibly could. And he still believes, as medical technology in optometry progresses, that someday we may be able to further improve my vision! Though I currently go to school in Michigan and am not sure where I'll end up for graduate school, I will always return to Summit Eye Clinic for their unbeatable care. Dr. Randy and his associates want to collaborate with you to help you better see all the beautiful things in this world! So please don’t lose hope or give up if someone says there's nothing more you can do. Go see Dr. Randy first - chances are he will believe there’s more you can do. Testimonial written by Amanda K. on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 697335
by Ben Schmidt - 6/7/2018
I challenge you to find a more enthusiastic optometrist than Dr. Randy Prestash. His excitement and passion for the world of eyes is shared by every member of the staff and leads to a truly fun experience. I left very satisfied and look forward to coming back!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 655788
by Kelly Meyer - 5/23/2018
Every time i walked in Summit Eye Clinic i was greeted by smiling friendly faces at check in. The techs truly care about their patients. Exams are very thorough. Summit Eye Clinic has the highest quality staff. Premium customer service. Excellent care in a clean environment. I have great respect for the doctors and highly recommend Summit Eye Clinic.
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100% Satisfied with Service and Best Results on Recent Cataract Surgery
Testimonial Star Rating - 643791
by Andy Pusztai - 5/11/2018
I have been seeing Dr. Prestash since 1998 and late last year decided to have cataract surgery. I was a bit complex patient for this since had Radial Keratotomy back in the 90s. However, with Randy's oversight and guiding me through the process(along with a great Eye Surgeon),it all turned out great. I have near perfect vision in both eyes, and on top of that with monovision. If you had RK and considering or needing cataract surgery, I would recommend you discuss your situation with Dr. Prestash. He and his staff treated me the best. Randy. thanks for all you and your staff have done regarding my eyes. Testimonial written by Andy Pusztai on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 624565
by Leslie - 4/18/2018
This was my first visit to Summit Eye Clinic and I was very happy with my service. Dr. Pretash and his team were excellent. They explained everything they did and took the time to answer all of my questions. His practice is very high tech but he has great communication and customer service skills. I was able to get my glasses ordered immediately and I am looking forward to receiving them. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pretash and his team. Testimonial written by Leslie on this site.
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Outstanding care!
Testimonial Star Rating - 558441
by Laura Jurczyk - 3/24/2018
Dr. Randy met us on a Sunday morning at his office. Our daughter had a swollen, irritated eye that was very painful to her. I did NOT want to take her to urgent care or the ER because I knew that an MD would do his best but I had a feeling that it wouldn’t resolve the issue. Dr Randy was incredibly brilliant. Removed debris from her eye, prescribed an antibiotic cream for her eye and made suggestions on how to bring down the inflammation as well as offered to see her again later the same day should her pain return. Unbelievable red carpet treatment. Thank you Dr. Randy! Testimonial written by Laura Jurczyk on this site.
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Outstanding service
Testimonial Star Rating - 554961
by Liz jurczyk - 3/19/2018
Summit eye clinic was so good to me. Dr. Prestash came in on a Sunday afternoon to take a particle out of my eye that had been stuck. The clinic was very welcoming to my family and I and treated me very well! I recommend this office to all my friends and family Testimonial written by Liz jurczyk on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 530025
by Kathleen Haggith - 2/25/2018
I have had the very good fortune of being a patient of Dr. Prestash for the past 5 years. Dr. Prestash takes the time to explain exactly what is happening with your eyes...why this is happening...and he develops a plan to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. He invests his time in learning the latest techniques and treatments and he invests in the very best equipment which is very helpful to him in finding any concerns that he might have in regard to my eyes. Every member of the team at the Summit Eye Clinic is courteous and professional. I do not feel like a #. It's too bad that every optometric's doesn't have the wonderful bedside manner that Dr. Prestash has shown me time and time and again. Testimonial written by Kathleen Haggith on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 530460
by Bob P. - 2/25/2018
I had nothing but a positive experience. From the time I checked in, to the pre-screening to Dr. McGuire, and the fitting for glasses. The staff was attentive and pleasant. All were very personable, and explained what was happening with my eyes, and what we are going to do for follow up. This is how a business, and especially a doctors office should be run. I would highly recommend.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 529449
by Joan B. - 2/24/2018
Summit Eye Clinic was recommended to me because the doctors and staff are so nice. That is true, but also professional. Appointments are on time, yet you have time to discuss your concerns. The optician finds the right frames to fit your lens and you just put them on like you have been wearing them all your life. I've worn glasses or contacts most of my life so it is important for me to know I'm not just a quota to be met, they also are ethical. They don't change your prescription unless needed, saving you money. Therefore I would like to pass along my recommendation.
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Healthy body, healthy vision
Testimonial Star Rating - 518649
by David Watry - 2/12/2018
I see.Dr Prestash on an annual basis. Not only does he take care of my eye health, but he also gave me an idea to help me with me blood sugar for diabetes. He shared with the South Beach diet plan and asked me to read about it. So I did. After only a couple of weeks following this plan I not only dropped 12 lbs. but my blood sugars have dropped from a weekly average of 162 to 103. I am grateful to him for having the courage to challenge me this way. Healthy eating leads to healthy vision. Thank you Testimonial written by David Watry on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 539944
by Steve Armin - 2/12/2018
I've probably been going there for close to 20 years, my wife even longer. I'd be pretty hard-pressed to come up with anything negative to say about Dr. Prestach. He's very knowledgeable, up on the latest developments in his field and has as good a bedside manner as any doctor I've ever had. He seems to genuinely care about his patients' well-being and has always taken the time to make me aware of my options and what I can do or take with regard to my particular condition. (He's even personally responded to concerns I emailed the clinic about. My guess is that’s not too common.) The rest of the staff that I've encountered have all been very nice as well.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 758642
by Phil Ransom - 2/12/2018
I've respected and admired the team at Summit Eye Clinic for years. Most recent opportunity - Five Stars! When quality customer service is a core...
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Testimonial Star Rating - 519985
by Lauren F. - 2/12/2018
Such a great local eye doctor. All the staff is welcoming and friendly and truly catered to the things I needed. They were very helpful when I had some questions about my insurance coverage and they talked me through it. Overall, I as a patient felt cared for and respected. I will continue to return!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 506614
by Norma - 1/25/2018
Dr. Prestash and his technician gave me a thorough and extensive exam during my most recent annual visit. State of the art equipment and amazing digital photographs of my eyes indicated my cataracts had ripened and needed to be removed sooner than later. Quarterly check-ups by my ophthalmologist had not picked this up. All of the staff at Summit Eye Clinic are welcoming and professional. I have told several friends that I highly recommend their eye care services. Testimonial written by Norma on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 502787
by Elliot LePoidevin - 1/19/2018
I have been seeing Dr. Prestash and the team at Summit Eye Clinic for 25 years and highly, highly recommend him and his team. When I was 10, I was reluctant to wear my contacts and take the steps necessary to strengthen my vision. Dr. Prestash took the time to sit me down and explain how important it was for me to take my vision health seriously if I wanted to keep vision in both eyes. I still remember that talk vividly and believe it and Dr. Prestash’s continued care are the reason I see 20/20 today. No doctor I have seen has ever provided a comparable level of care. The clinic is modern, all the staff friendly, and their technology is cutting edge. Highly recommend!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 758643
by Scott Hacker - 11/10/2017
Summit Eye Clinic is a great practice! The doctors there are extremely thoughtful and caring as is the staff. I highly recommend Summit Eye Clinic if...
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Testimonial Star Rating - 457884
by Jules Kohler - 11/10/2017
Awesome staff! I feel very 'at home' when I go. And the Optical has an amazing selection! Friendly and remembers you like family.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 444007
by Jacob Silkey - 10/22/2017
Dr. Prestash is truly a top notch doctor that cares about his patients. I was not an existing patient when I called him up on a Sunday morning to take a look at a foreign object in my eye. Within 10 minutes he met me at the office and again later that night to remove the object after the swelling went down. Most doctors would not even call you back outside of normal office hours, but he was willing to come into the office twice that day. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of eyecare.
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I Won't Go to Any Other Eye Doctor!
Testimonial Star Rating - 439348
by Diana Mahlberg - 10/17/2017
I have been going to Dr. Randy for a number of years. This last Spring after I turned 65, I was trying to do all the Medicare exams, etc. to be up to date on all of my medical checkups. When I was in the exam chair and Dr. Randy was going over everything with the technician, he mentioned the word,cataract. I was shocked and when he finished dictating to her, I asked, did I hear you right? He said I did indeed have cataracts. I had to wait for a followup exam since I wore contacts. After that exam, I was referred to Dr. Paskowitz on Mayfair Rd. The whole experience from both Doctors and their staff was very professional and top notch. With my follow up visits with Dr. Randy, he has answered any questions I have had. I am so grateful we have a exceptional Doctor like Randy Prestash in Oconomowoc! Testimonial written by Diana Mahlberg on this site.
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Personalized expert care
Testimonial Star Rating - 358235
by Carolyn - 7/5/2017
Dr. Prestash has helped correct my dry eye condition with innovative and very personalized recommendations for my specific symptoms, while being aware of my Type I diabetes. Many thanks for keeping my eyes healthy! Testimonial written by Carolyn on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 356017
by Mark DiBlasi - 6/30/2017
I have worn contact lenses for over forty years and have lived thru out the United States. I have seen many eye doctors over that time period. I can tell you that without a doubt the Summit Eye clinic and Dr Prestash in particular is the most thorough and caring doctor that I have ever seen. He takes care of my whole family and I highly recommend him and his clinic to everyone who needs eye care. Testimonial written by Mark DiBlasi on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 318145
by jeff parker - 5/8/2017
love the people that work there,always very nice
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Technology Saved Eyesight
Testimonial Star Rating - 284016
by Tod Kolinski - 3/5/2017
Instead of dilating your eyes, pay the $39 for a more in-depth view of your eyes. My wife did and Dr. Prestash found that she had a retinal tear. This piece of equipment saved her eye and sight! Testimonial written by Tod Kolinski on this site.
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Great Experience!
Testimonial Star Rating - 264695
by Deb Jones - 1/23/2017
Very good service. From the time I called for an appointment thru the exam process the staff at the clinic were wonderful. Dr. Pretash is a great person and made me feel totally comfortable. He answered all my concerns and questions with great detail. When I chose my new glasses the staff was professional and did not try to oversell the frames or prescription. Great bunch of professionals! Testimonial written by Deb Jones on this site.
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Great Service, Excellent Information
Testimonial Star Rating - 259216
by Karen - 1/11/2017
My work schedule and the upcoming holidays left me contacting the clinic at the last minute for an appointment (also the end of the year for insurance coverage). I asked to be put on their waiting list and was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me, as there was a cancellation! I hadn't been to the office since 2014, but found the staff (Kelly), optical technician, and optical specialist very friendly and accommodating. This was my first time seeing Dr. Randy. He was extremely informative about my eye health and took the time to explain eye conditions and preventative measures. He was not in a rush to move on to the next patient! In these days where medical care is more about business, Dr. Randy and his staff demonstrated that it's still about people and quality customer service. I would highly recommend this office for optical care. Testimonial written by Karen on this site.
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Friendly Professional Service
Testimonial Star Rating - 253113
by Lisa and Mark H. - 12/26/2016
We discovered Summit Eye Clinic in 2015 and it has been an "eye opening" experience! From the moment you walk into the clinic you are greeted with a warm welcome. When you go for your actual eye exam it is very thorough and educational. Dr. Prestash and the entire staff take the time and listen to your concerns regarding your eye health. We feel very blessed to have found such a fantastic family oriented eye clinic that takes care of us. Testimonial written by Lisa and Mark H. on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 231797
by Deb Groehler - 11/17/2016
This was the most thorough and comfortable eye exam my husband and I ever had. The staff is super amazing!!! The Dr. McGuire explained all symptoms she saw and the changes in our eyes. Joni and Torrie (?) were amazing and took great care of us. Such a warm and welcoming staff!!!! The selection of frames was outstanding too! What a comfortable experience!! I think we finally found an eye clinic we can be sure has our eye health as their primary concern. Cannot say enough good things about our experience!!! Most sincerely, Jim and Deb Groehler
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Testimonial Star Rating - 220997
by Jacque E. - 10/24/2016
As a busy mom of two kiddos younger than two, finding the time to do anything can be a challenge. When I scratched my cornea taking out my contacts, I was worried about both the logistics of getting to the doctor and the fact that my most recent pair of glasses is about 20 years old (whoops. . . ). When I called Summit Eye Clinic they were able to see me that afternoon. Not only that, they were completely flexible with my schedule in needing to find a babysitter last minute. As I hemmed and hawed about working around nap time, the accommodating staff simply suggested I come in whenever worked best for me. As for the glasses, I was able to get an updated prescription, pick out frames, and have lenses made while I waited, right on site. The whole appointment (eye check, prescription, and glasses to wear home) took about 2 hours! I was home - with new glasses and the entire problem of a scratched cornea solved - before the kids were even awake. Everyone at the office was engaging, positive, and professional. They went the extra mile to squeeze me in, triple check my insurance, and make sure I had everything I needed to heal my eye as soon as possible. I was impressed that, before leaving for a conference, the doctor confirmed that I would be set with another doctor while he was away and that I was able to contact him at the conference in case I needed to do so. I felt like an old friend, not just another patient. My whole experience was the epitome of what supporting a local community business should be and I will most certainly be a continuing customer.
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Great experience!
Testimonial Star Rating - 213963
by Nicole D. - 10/9/2016
Our family had a great experience at the Summit Eye Clinic! We had a very unexpected eye emergency over the weekend. Without hesitation, Dr. Prestash came in on a Saturday to address it...even though we were not even current patients (out of town). The time he spent with us to thoroughly fix the problem was more than we could have imagined. The best part of all was the care he showed to us. It is rare to find this kind of over-the-top care and customer service, and we appreciate everything the clinic has done. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend the Summit Eye Clinic. Testimonial written by Nicole D. on this site.
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Sue and Jeff Lippow Always Return from North Carolina for the BEST EYE CARE
Testimonial Star Rating - 206176
by Anonymous - 9/21/2016
Sue and I moved to North Carolina in 1997 and ALWAYS RETURN TO GET AN EXCELLENT YEARLY checkup at the Summit EYE Clinic. My vision without contacts is poor and Sue needs glaucoma monitoring and also vision correction with glasses. Dr. Prestash OFFERS BOTH "STATE OF THE ART" care using the latest technology and always remains current in medical practice updates. After our yearly vision review Sue and Jeff feel TOTALLY CONFIDENT that all vision modalities are CORRECTED WITH CARING EFFORTS!!!! We feel the effort to make yearly appointments on one of our visits to Wisconsin family a very worthile decision. Our insurance from our North Carolina occupations is totally honored by Dr.Prestash. His contact lense products are always the latest and best care. We pick and have sent to us the frames and lenses that offer great vision results. As the office so accurately states "Smart Doctors-Smart Opticians and Smart Choices" result in GREAT PROTECTION AND MAINTAIN THE EYE CARE WE WANT AND DEPEND ON!!!! Testimonial submitted anonymously directly to this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 198289
by Kimberly Shogren - 8/31/2016
Summit Eye Clinic is wonderful. The staff is so great and helpful!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 195925
by Todd Anick - 8/27/2016
I have had two eye injuries in my life. One so severe it took the sight of my left eye and that scarred my right eye and nearly took its sight. The scar changed the shape of my right eye to the point where I needed a strong prescription in eye glasses or a lesser prescription in a hard contact lens. About a year ago a small piece of glass got stuck in my eye. It was very small and probably happened at work, but it was so painful so eventually I went to my doctor. My doctor at that time examined my eye and said he couldn’t find anything and that my eye looked alright. So, I went home with my eye still in pain. I figured I just had to tough it out. Another day went by and I couldn’t even sleep at night it hurt so badly so I called my doctor again. But, no, he was on vacation. I was thinking, “Now what do I do?”! My doctor’s office said they could refer me to Dr. Randy Prestash. Funny how God works, but that piece of glass brought me to a person that would make my quality of life so much better. I went to see Dr. Prestash and when he examined my eye he saw there was a lot of damage to my right eye within just a couple of minutes (scratched surface of the eye, ridge developing on lens of eye, two small pockets where the piece of glass had gotten stuck and, yes, the piece of glass that was hurting me.) I was happy and angry at the same time. Happy that Dr. Prestash found the piece of glass and angry that my regular eye doctor missed so much. Dr. Prestash said not to worry, he was going to fix me up. Then he said, “Todd, I would like to fit you with a soft contact lens, it will allow you to see and allow your eye to heal at the same time.” He then said the first contact was like a bandage on the eye. I could see with it in and I wouldn’t have to worry about taking it out. I told him I was not able to wear soft contacts as they wouldn’t work because of the scaring from my injuries. He then said some very special words to me. The words I use at work so often. He said “This IS what I do. I can do this. I know they said this, but I am going to make you better.” So, over the course of the next 6 months, Dr. Prestash kept changing prescriptions for my eye that was gradually healing. He would order 2 or 3 different lenses each visit to find just the right lens for the next couple of weeks and he kept doing this for months. By the way, Dr. Prestash never charged me for these extra lenses, not once. Gradually, my eye healed and through this whole ordeal, I could see. But more that, the soft contact lens did all that Dr. Prestash said. It allowed my eye to breath. I didn’t have to struggle 10 times a day trying to get dirt out of my eye and it eliminated the infections. Most of all, I don’t go through my day in pain any more. Dr. Prestash was always so excited to see me because I was such a challenge. There are not many people like Dr. Prestash. I have a group of people in my life that have made me a better man; a better person, that have set an example for me each day. They are not famous, not actors, sports figures or politicians. They are people like Dr. Prestash.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 161926
by David M. - 6/14/2016
Great Experience...Incredibly Knowledgeable and Caring I have had the very good fortune of being a patient of Dr. Prestash for the past 10+ years. Dr. Prestash takes the time to explain exactly what is happening with your eyes...why this is happening...and he develops a plan to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. He invests his time in learning the latest techniques and treatments and he invests in the very best equipment which provides an amazing level of clarity and detail. Every member of the team at the Summit Eye Clinic is courteous and professional. If you want the very best eye care you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Prestash. You will never need to go anywhere else.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 126098
by Stephanie Ramlow - 4/8/2016
Summit Eye Clinic is the best! If you need an eye doctor go see Dr. Randy Prestash. I have been his patient for many years and he and staff are very kind and take the time to help you understand your eye condition. Most recently, I had an eye emergency, Dr. Prestash was so kind to open the clinic up on a Saturday, his day off to see me. I greatly appreciate his kindness and dedication to his patients. I can't imagine going anywhere else for my eye care. Thank you so much Dr. Prestash and Staff.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 123180
by Christine Ramlow - 4/7/2016
Dr. Prestash and his staff are the best eye professionals. Dr. Prestash is very kind, professional and dedicated to his paitents. He takes the time to help each paitent fully understand their eye conditon. Most recently my daughter had an eye emergency, Dr. Prestash was so kind to answer his phone on a Saturday, his day off. He opened up the clinic just to see her. I am very greatful for Dr. Prestash and his team. Our family has been his paitents for several years. I can not immagine going anywhare else for our eye care. Thank You so much Dr. Prestash and team. The Ramlows
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What a great experience!
Testimonial Star Rating - 92294
by Anonymous - 3/15/2016
First of all, Dr. Prestash is great. He is very personable and customer service driven. He is also very well educated and one of the best. I had a recent situation where my eyesight had diminished. Dr. Prestash diagnosed me with cataracts. He referred me to Dr. Daniel Paskowitz for cataract surgery. I was quite nervous that I needed surgery, but went ahead with it. Boy am I glad that I did. I have never seen this well in my life. The entire process was easy and I want to thank both doctors for their excellent care. Testimonial submitted anonymously directly to this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 92317
by Candy G. - 3/4/2016
TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR A VERY GOOD EYE CLINIC......LOOK NO FURTHER!!! SUMMIT EYE CLINIC IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!! This is a local family owned business and the caring service shows from beginning to end of each yearly eye check up. All the staff and doctors are wonderful! I have been going here over 10 years now and every experience here is so impressive. When you approach the front desk....I have always been greeted like an extended family member (....and I know they only know me by my file....LOL....but make you feel like your a relative they're looking out for) I usually into Torry behind the front desk. Wonderful gal, always has a smile. They are thorough and professional, and really care about every client....and it shows. Then I'm greeted by Crystal, who starts me off with part of my eye exam. She is a Gem!! Not only does she take you through your exam, she follows up thoroughly asking you questions looking out for any changes or updates, in a caring way. Then you see the doctor who follows through with the rest of your eye exam and again follows up questions also looking out for any changes and updates......"Did I tell you how Thorough they are?" LOL Not only does he follow up with your results......he 'Educates you' on where your at and lets you know what you can do in looking out for your eyes. Before I found this clinic.....I would just go into an office in a chain store. **What a major difference.** There was one time I had to go in, outside of a regular eye check up. I was doing yard work during the summer and rubbed my eyes and inadvertently got RED MULCH pieces gouged into my right eye. Thought I was gonna die. The pain! and I could not see.....called Summit Clinic. They had me come right down. Squeezed me in. All the regular people I usually see were off that day or with other clients (I don't know), except Torry was at the desk They thoroughly took care of me in the same caring way like they knew me. I had to share to hopefully help someone else find this excellent clinic. I use yelp when traveling and have found great shops and motels through yelp.....
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Testimonial Star Rating - 66026
by Susie Redmond Hansen - 8/11/2015
LOVE LOVE LOVE Summit Eye Care! Dr. Prestash and his staff are the BEST!! Shelly, Robin, Melanie and everyone, they are all wonderful!! Have been going here for many years. And, even though I am now 1 1/2 hours away, I still come here. Cannot imagine going anywhere else.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 64973
by Zach Chudy DC - 7/13/2015
I have been going since I was 6 years old, very helpful and friendly staff.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 64975
by Ben Osborne - 5/14/2015
I had a great experience at this clinic. The staff was extremely helpful and concerned with my eyesight. They generously provided me with samples of two different types of lenses, and guided me to a lens type that works very well for me. They were also very helpful when it came to maximizing my vision insurance benefit. I will definitely be going back.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 64976
by Jamie Marquardt - 5/14/2015
Excellent service, very knowledgeable AND they are even great with my kids!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 64971
by Marybeth Esser - 4/14/2015
If you are looking for high quality, knowledgeable optometrists who are careful to explain things clearly and make sure you understand their procedures this is the place. I have been so impressed with Dr. P. It is extremely important to him that he looks into issues until he has a satisfactory diagnosis. I have had no problems with the staff. I know from being a medical professional that sometimes questions asked over the phone cannot be answered. Some conditions need to have an examination. I really don't understand the comments about some arrangement with Vision World for contact lenses. These guys are professional and I go with their recommendation. I wear CIBA Vision contacts and have purchased them both from the clinic and they provided an online supplier with my prescription. The cost was about the same. I highly recommend Summit Eye Clinic if you want better than average care.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 65007
by Andrea T. - 6/24/2014
Love everyone here. The dr, the front desk staff & gentleman in the lab. Always had great service. Too bad we moved across the country otherwise I would still be going.
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by Vernon Jahnke - 7/20/2013
Great place to have a check up done if it is needed
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by Tim Wilkowski - 12/23/2011
Great service...good selection of frames. All of the equipment is state of the art.
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by Brittany U. - 12/29/2010
great service and quick glasses fix!
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